Brenda Schladweiler

President and Principal Scientist

Soil and vegetation assessments, reclamation design and monitoring, wetland delineations, threatened and endangered (T&E) plant species and habitat surveys, and environmental compliance.

PhD, Soil Science, University of Wyoming: Laramie Dissertation: Soil and Plant Responses to Variable Topsoil Replacement Depths at a Coal Mine in Northeastern Wyoming. Research was conducted at the North Antelope/Rochelle Mine southeast of Wright, Wyoming – 2003 M.S., Soil Science University of Wyoming: Laramie Thesis: Relationship Between Soil Selenium Concentration and Selenium Uptake by Vegetation on Surface Coal Mine Lands in Wyoming – 1995

B.S., Range Management (Land Rehabilitation), Colorado State University; Fort Collins – 1980

Brenda is passionate about working at her church youth camp on Casper Mountain, Camp Wyoba, near Casper, Wyoming. Despite occurring at the busiest time of the year for BKS, Brenda has dedicated one to three weeks in July at various aged camps for almost 35 years. She enjoys passing on both her knowledge, faith and outlook for life to these young people as well as to those at work. Life with a purpose and life with no regrets!

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